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What to Buy at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Shop my picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale—there's plenty of stuff still in stock!
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Hello, friends! I had grand plans for this post. Over the weekend, I was going to head over the the flagship store to try on and photograph my favorite Anniversary sale items so I could share them with you along with tips about how they fit in real life. But real life had different plans for me. As you may have seen on Instagram, I had to have emergency gallbladder surgery on Saturday, so no trips to Nordstrom for me!

In lieu of the post I had planned, I’ve decided to stick with a classic round-up to showcase some of my favorite pieces that are still stocked online. There’s a lot of good stuff left, and I’m super excited to share all these great pieces that my team and I worked really hard to get onto the site. Let me know what you think, and happy shopping!


Artichoke Toast with Parmesan & Preserved Lemon

Switch up your go-to toast with a piece of crusty sourdough topped with a zesty mix of artichoke hearts and preserved lemon.Switch up your go-to toast with a piece of crusty sourdough topped with a zesty mix of artichoke hearts and preserved lemon.Every summer growing up, we made a trip down to Northern California to visit my grandparents. Along with shopping trips and late-night movies, I always looked forward to the bounty of farm-fresh produce. I was a very picky eater as a kid, but I could get down with some corn on the cob, bing cherries, avocados and artichokes—all of which could be had in abundance at Grandma’s house.

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The 55 Best Things in the Zara Sale

This is not a drill. My very favorite sale is here, and it’s a good one. In case you’re not a serial shopper like I am, I’ll take a quick second to clue you in. As of 12:00 a.m. EST today, hundreds of styles at Zara are on sale, and the best ones are sure to sell out before the day is over.

That’s why I stayed up late (that, and I have to drive my brother to the airport at 4 a.m.) to comb through all the pages of sale items and round up my very favorite 55 things. There are pieces in here that are causing me physical pain not to buy—but don’t worry, my no-shopping mandate is still firmly intact.

I’m channeling all my expert shopping energy into encouraging you, my friends, into buying this perfectly charming wicker basket bag, and this painfully chic striped midi skirt or maybe the ultimate power suit in a striking red stretch cotton. Seriously, this stuff is so good and such a bargain so shop like the wind! And send me pictures of your sale hauls so I can live vicariously through all you carefree consumers, por favor.

The 55 best things to buy ASAP at the Zara sale!1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

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Blackberry Kalimotxo

Try this fruity twist on a Basque classic: red wine topped with ice cold soda and some blackberry syrup.I’ve never been a big red wine drinker, instead preferring to sip on a crisp rosé or fruity riesling. But on a recent Saturday afternoon I was in want of a drink, and an open bottle of Petit Syrah sat on my kitchen counter. I mixed it with a little bit of Sprite, some lime juice and some bitters and had myself a nice little red wine spritzer. At this point I was surprised (and a little embarrassed) by how much I liked this concoction, so I went on a quick Google search to investigate the world of summery red wine drinks.

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DIY Pom-Pom Earrings

Make these playful (and super lightweight) pom-pom earrings with this easy DIY.Make these playful (and super lightweight) pom-pom earrings with this easy DIY. I’ve been wanting a pair of black pom-pom earrings for the better part of six months, but due to my self-imposed ban on shopping for all of 2017, this particular sartorial desire has gone unfulfilled. Luckily, I built an exception into this new rule: I’m still allowed to DIY pretty new things to wear. And so I set out to make myself a pair of goshdarn black pom-pom earrings.

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