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3 Resolutions for 2017

I’m not usually one for resolutions, instead preferring to make small adjustments throughout the year in an effort to live a more balanced life. But this year I’m making an exception. At the close of 2016 I find myself rather unexpectedly in a new city, completely single for the first time in over a decade and less than a year away from 30—to say I’m ready to usher in the new year with fresh start would be an understatement.

And so, after months of toying with the options, I’ve resolved to make three changes in the coming year. One is trivial and fun, another is a mere formalization of a goal I’ve been working toward for a couple years and the last is an honest-to-goodness life-changing resolution so astounding that everyone I’ve told about it—from family and friends to new coworkers—has reacted with nothing short of an eyes-bulging, mouth-agape stare. It’s not going to be easy, but I think it will be important. Read on to find out what my three resolutions are for 2017.

1. Blog Three Times a Week
I love channeling my creative energy into Homemade Banana, and this year I’d like to make my efforts a bit more regimented. I’ll be aiming to put together even more fashion, food and DIY posts in hopes of broadening this community and hopefully making some new blogger friends here in Seattle!

2. Learn to Wink
Admittedly, this is a pretty silly resolution but in my lifetime I’ve winked at nary a crush or a fetching mirror reflection and it’s high time I change that. Forget trips to the gym—does anyone know any good eyelid exercises?

3. No Shopping for Clothes or Accessories
Alright now, this is the Big Bad Resolution. The one lovingly mocked by those who know me best. I’ve decided to abstain from buying any and all clothing or accessories for one full year. This is a personal challenge that I’ve toyed with for the past few years, and I think I’m finally read to tackle it.

There are a few reasons for this drastic measure: I’d like to reallocate some of the money I’d usually spend on shopping to my savings account and travel fund; I have so many beautiful clothes and shoes and bags that I’d like to make more use of rather than just buying more and more; I’d like to break my deeply entrenched habit of mindlessly shopping for things I don’t need (see previous reason).

I’ve built in a few reasonable caveats as sort of preventative pressure releases in an effort to set myself up for success. The first is that I’m still allowed to shop for home goods and makeup. The thinking is that I’m less tempted by these categories, so it shouldn’t affect my savings account. The second is that I’m giving myself a budget of $50 to spend at any employee sample sales at work. These don’t pop up too often, but when they do, they offer great deals. I’m hoping this will be a good way to scratch the shopping itch without tempting me to slide back into my internet shopping habit. And the third is that I’m still allowed to DIY myself new things to wear. That means if I’m really dying to have a new pair of BaubleBar earrings, all I have to do is pop down to the craft store and whip up my own approximation. Plus, this means more fodder for the blog, thus getting me one post closer to achieving my first resolution.

Wish me luck!

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