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DIY Tassel Earrings

It’s no question that tassels are having a major moment—and I couldn’t be happier. Not only because tassels add a festive vibe to pillows, bags, blankets, necklaces, etc. but because they are super easy to make. For my first tassel DIY, I decided to jump right in and try my hand at replicating these stunning Oscar de la Renta beaded tassel earrings.

Due to my aforementioned love for tassels, I already had these similar BaubleBar Acid Tassel Drops on hand, so I poked around and used them as sort of a pattern to create my own. Having a bit of beading experience will definitely help with this project, but it’s not necessary! Check out the detailed instructions below to create your own Oscar de la Renta-inspired tassel earrings.


For this project, you’ll need the following:
• seed beads
• rhinestones (I used these from Hobby Lobby, but you can use any rhinestone as long as it has a flat back and somewhere to attach a jump ring)
• E6000
• flat earring posts (I used these 10mm ones)
• nylon beading string
• beading needle (I like these open-eye, non-pricking needles)
• 6mm jump rings
• needle-nose pliers
• scissors


1. Apply a dot of E6000 to each earring post and the backs of each rhinestone and let them sit for two minutes. I stuck the earring posts in a piece of cardboard to keep them right-side-up while drying a bit. After two minutes, press the posts to the backs of the rhinestones and let dry completely.

diy-tassel-earring-3 diy-tassel-earring-4

2. This is the most intimidating part, but I promise it’s not that hard! To make the beaded end caps, I used a peyote stitch. Rather than spelling it all out here, I’ll refer you to this awesome video tutorial that walks you through exactly how to do it. I beaded 16 rows and then connected the two ends (the video shows you how to do this around the one minute mark). Once you’ve connected the two ends, you’ll be left with a sort of open-ended tube.

3. At this point, my technique differs a bit from the video. To close the top of the cap, I simply strung the thread through a bead at one end of the circle, took four beads onto my needle, then strung it through the corresponding bead on the other side of the circle.

For the next pass, I used five beads and went back the other way. I repeated that process with five beads two more times. I then finished it off with one more row of four beads. So you’ll have five rows of beads going across the top (see the picture above of what it should look like).


4. Now that we have our rhinestones and end caps made, it’s time to make the actual tassels. This part is easy! Start by stringing 15 beads onto your string. Then, thread your needle back through the beads, skipping the first bead and pulling the thread completely through the 14 other beads. In this way, the end is finished without any ugly knots.

Now, trim the excess thread that you pulled through, remove your needle and string it through the other end of the thread. Add the rest of your beads onto the string. The amount you use will depend on how long you want your tassels to be, but I used 110 beads total per string.

Once you’ve added all of your beads, repeat the process from earlier in this step and thread your needle back through the last 15 or so beads, skipping the first one. Keep beading your little heart out until you’ve finished all of your strings. I made 12 total so each earring would have six strings (folded in half, so a dozen little tassel-y bits).


5. To finish the tassels, line up six of your strings in a row, making sure they’re even. Cut a length of thread and slide it under all six strings until it’s in the middle. Then, lift up both sides of the thread so the beaded strings are gathered in the middle like a tassel. Tie about five knots nice and tight.


6. Grab a jump ring and open it up a bit. Then, attach it to the tassel exactly where the string was tied in the middle, making sure you catch all of the beaded strings. Keep the jump ring open and gently pull it through the top of the beaded end cap with your needle-nose pliers.


7. Finally, attach the jump ring to the bottom loop of the rhinestone. Make sure to close the jump ring nice and tight. Trim any excess thread from the tassel, being careful not to snip any beaded strings. And that’s all there is to it!


Please let me know if you try your hand at making some tassel earrings of your own or if you have any questions! 



DIY Crystal Tassel Earrings

diy-crystal-and-tassel-earrings-1These earrings are one of my favorite DIYs to date. They weren’t planned—I was just rummaging around in one of my many craft boxes this weekend and happened to pull out these crystal beaded balls that I bought awhile ago and squirreled away for future use. They immediately made me think of these Rebecca de Ravenel earrings so I was inspired to quickly design some statement earrings of my own. Continue Reading


DIY Beaded Tassel Earrings

beaded-tassel-earrings-diy-2beaded-tassel-earrings-diy-9beaded-tassel-earrings-diy-7Who among us has not, at one point, wished to be the proud owner of a pair of Oscar de le Renta tassel earrings (may he rest in peace). When I win the lottery, those babies are definitely at the top of my To Buy list, along with a Birkin bag, a house with a library and paying off my student loans. After all, a girl can be stylish while being fiscally responsible.

Apart from renting a pair of these tasseled wonders for sixty bucks a pop—easier to justify, sure, but separation anxiety between woman and jewelry is a real thing—it seems that making my own version offers the shortest path between me and accessory heaven. You may remember I made another version of these earrings awhile ago, and since they were so popular but a little complicated for those with no beading experience, I decided to make another, more simplified pair. Really I just wanted them in red.

If you can thread beads onto a string and cut a circle out of felt (you’ll see) you can make these earrings—and I hope you do. They’re super simple, really beautiful and cost about ten dollars when all is said and done. Plus, whenever you get complimented on them you can say, “Oh thanks, I actually made these.”

beaded-tassel-earrings-diy-5For this project, you’ll need the following:
• seed beads
• rhinestones (I used these from Hobby Lobby, but you can use any rhinestone as long as it has a flat back and somewhere to attach a jump ring)
silver tassel caps
• E6000
• a small piece of felt
• flat earring posts (I used these 10mm ones)
• nylon beading string
• beading needle (I like these open-eye, non-pricking needles)
• 6mm jump rings
• needle-nose pliers

1. To make the tassels, start by threading your seed beads onto a length of nylon beading string, looping the beginning and end of the thread back through ten or so of the beads to finish each end (same technique used here). Make each string twice as long as you want your tassel to be; for reference, I used 70 beads for each string. The amount of strings you’ll need will depend on the size of tassel cap you’re using, but I needed seven strings per tassel, so 14 total.

2. Next, use a good length of beading thread to tie your strings together in the middle, thus creating a tassel. Make sure each string is hanging evenly so your tassel isn’t lopsided (this might take a few tries).

3. Use your end cap to trace a circle on a scrap piece of felt. Cut out the circle and sew the string you used to tie your tassel together to the round piece of felt. This is how we will connect our tassel to our end cap.

6. Apply a small amount of E6000 to the inside of your end cap and to the top of the felt circle, then insert the tassel into the end cap. Press down on the felt with a toothpick to ensure a snug fit and hold for about 30 seconds. Assemble your second tassel and let both dry completely.

6. While the tassels are drying, add a dot of glue to each earring post and the backs of each rhinestone and press the posts to the backs of the rhinestones. Again, let dry completely before assembling.

7. The last step is simple: use a small jump ring to connect the rhinestone to the tassel.



DIY Clay Hand Ring Dish

I think my love of jewelry has been well documented here, so it should come as no surprise to you that sometimes my baubles get in the way of my work. That is, often my many rings and/or bracelets get in the way of my typing and I end up slipping them off for a few hours of the day. I keep reaching for a cute little ring dish in which to safely store my accessories atop my desk, so rather than go out and buy one, I decided to make my own. Continue Reading


Sequins Blue and Tassels Too

BaubleBar Tassel EarringsBaubleBar Tassel EarringsBaubleBar Tassel EarringsBaubleBar Tassel EarringsBaubleBar Tassel EarringsBaubleBar Tassel EarringsBaubleBar Tassel EarringsBaubleBar Tassel EarringsTop: Tracy Reese for Target (old) // Jeans: Old Navy (old, similar) // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (old, similar) // Shoes: Target // Bag Charm: Amazon // Watch: Michael Kors // Earrings: BaubleBar // Rings: BaubleBar

I’ve always been a jewelry girl. When I was young, I spent hours after school and during the summer crafting necklaces and bracelets from a rainbow-hued assortment of seed beads and crystals I kept meticulously organized in plastic tackle boxes. I toted my boxes with me from my mom’s house to my dad’s house and back again every other weekend. I think at one point I was making and selling jewelry to my friends at school. I’ve just always found a sparkling ring or color-pop earring to be the best, and often most economical way, to add my own personality to a look.

I still make myself jewelry sometimes (like these earrings and this bracelet), but I also love stocking up on fun pieces from BaubleBar. This post isn’t sponsored in any way; I’ve just been a fan and customer of the brand since 2013 and I always love talking about how great their pieces are, especially for the price. These shoulder-dusting cobalt tassel earrings are the newest addition to my jewelry box, and I love how much they move when I wear them! I like to wear my hair up in a crown braid when I wear these babies so they can really shine.

BaubleBar is currently having their big semi-annual sale with up to 75% off a bunch of pretty styles. I already purchased these earrings and this ring, and you can shop some of my other favorite sale pieces here:

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