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Sequins Blue and Tassels Too

BaubleBar Tassel EarringsBaubleBar Tassel EarringsBaubleBar Tassel EarringsBaubleBar Tassel EarringsBaubleBar Tassel EarringsBaubleBar Tassel EarringsBaubleBar Tassel EarringsBaubleBar Tassel EarringsTop: Tracy Reese for Target (old) // Jeans: Old Navy (old, similar) // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (old, similar) // Shoes: Target // Bag Charm: Amazon // Watch: Michael Kors // Earrings: BaubleBar // Rings: BaubleBar

I’ve always been a jewelry girl. When I was young, I spent hours after school and during the summer crafting necklaces and bracelets from a rainbow-hued assortment of seed beads and crystals I kept meticulously organized in plastic tackle boxes. I toted my boxes with me from my mom’s house to my dad’s house and back again every other weekend. I think at one point I was making and selling jewelry to my friends at school. I’ve just always found a sparkling ring or color-pop earring to be the best, and often most economical way, to add my own personality to a look.

I still make myself jewelry sometimes (like these earrings and this bracelet), but I also love stocking up on fun pieces from BaubleBar. This post isn’t sponsored in any way; I’ve just been a fan and customer of the brand since 2013 and I always love talking about how great their pieces are, especially for the price. These shoulder-dusting cobalt tassel earrings are the newest addition to my jewelry box, and I love how much they move when I wear them! I like to wear my hair up in a crown braid when I wear these babies so they can really shine.

BaubleBar is currently having their big semi-annual sale with up to 75% off a bunch of pretty styles. I already purchased these earrings and this ring, and you can shop some of my other favorite sale pieces here:

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DIY Gucci-Inspired Bow Tie

DIY Gucci-Inspired Bow TieI, along with every living fashion follower, have fallen head-over-heels in love with the maximalist magic that is Alessandro Michele‘s Gucci. I’ve already written about my current preoccupation with all things bug related (of which there were many in the Gucci Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 shows), including a particularly stunning jeweled ladybug tie and ant-infested suit—both of which I want on my body now. But since I’m not currently possessed of the funds required to make that dream a reality, I decided to try my hand at a more easily approximated accessory. The Gucci bow tie is no mere ribbon wrapped casually around the neck. It’s beaded and bee embroidered and styled with a flower brooch on top for good measure. It also takes only about a half an hour to replicate with pretty good success, if I do say so myself.

DIY Gucci-Inspired Bow TieDIY Gucci-Inspired Bow TieFor this project, you’ll need the following:
• 1 1/2″ red grosgrain ribbon
• iron-on bee patches
• needle and thread
• black bugle beads
• black artificial flower
pin back
• hot glue

1. To make the bow tie, cut a length of red ribbon long enough to tie around the collar of a shirt and hang to the bust. Add about an inch to the length to account for the seams.

2. Fold about half of an inch over on each end and press with a hot iron until you have a good crease.

3. Using a needle and thread, sew a line of bugle beads along the ends to secure the hems.

4. Place a bee patch just above the end of the ribbon, cover with a thin cloth and press down firmly for 20-30 seconds. Flip the ribbon over, cover with the cloth and repeat for 20-30 seconds. Do the same thing on the other end.

5. To make the flower brooch, first cut the wire stems off of the back of the flower.

6. Apply hot glue to the pin back and press to the back of the flower. Let cool.

DIY Gucci-Inspired Bow TieDIY Gucci-Inspired Bow TieDIY Gucci-Inspired Bow TieDIY Gucci-Inspired Bow TieDIY Gucci-Inspired Bow Tie

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DIY Discount: Colorful Bag Charms

diy-bag-charms-2diy-bag-charms-6It’s no question that bag charms are the playful accessory du jour. Fendi’s furry monsters may have started it all, but the trend has spread to include everything from the now-ubiquitous and relatively plain furry pompom to the meta mini bag bag charm and the playful cocktail-themed bag charm from none other than kate spade.

As I’ve already amassed a significant stockpile of plain fur bag charms, I thought it was about time I started dipping into the kookier creations. So when I spotted these colorful dinosaur-tassel bag charms by Lenora Dame, I knew they was the perfect candidate for the DIY Discount. The original bag charms cost $5o each, but I was able to  make them for around $10 each—plus I got to customize them to my preferences (hello Iowa-inspired pig figure).lenora-dame-bag-charm

diy-bag-charms-10diy-bag-charms-1For this project, you’ll need the following:
• two gold key rings
• two big lobster claw clasps (I used these in gold)
• two gold eye pins
• faceted glass accent beads
• four jump rings
• a small drill like a Dremel or a pin vise
• two small plastic animals (I used a dinosaur and a pig, but you can use whatever strikes your fancy)
• two skeins of embroidery thread
• two teardrop crystals
• two strands of crystal cup chain
• neon spray paint or model paint
• super glue

diy-bag-charms-71. Start by drilling a small hole through the top of your animal with a very small drill bit. I used a manual pin vise, but a small rotary tool like a Dremel would make this task a breeze. Once the hole was drilled, I stuck a spare nail through the hole to keep if from closing up and to give myself something to hold while I was painting the animal.

2. Paint your animal figurine with one or two coats of neon paint. You can also leave your animal unpainted, if you prefer that look—totally up to you.

3. While your animal is drying, make a tassel using the method outlined here. You’ll want to use a whole skein of embroidery thread for the tassel, and be sure to comb through the ends once it’s assembled so looks nice and full. Attach a large jump ring to the top of the tassel.

4. Using a small jump ring, attach a teardrop crystal to the front of the tassel by theading it through the strands that are wrapped around the top of the tassel.

5. Once your animal is dry, it’s time to attach the crystal cup chain. Cut two lengths of cup chain that are long enough to span the back of your animal. If your little dude has spikes like my dinosaur, simply cut the chain into four pieces and attached two to each side rather than draping it across the back. Use super glue to secure the crystal chain.

6. Finally, we assemble the keychain. Attach the circular end of the eye pin to the jump ring you secured to the top of your tassel. Add one glass bead, the animal and another glass bead to the eye pin and close it with a loop. Attach the key ring to the eye pin and the lobster clasp to the key ring.

7. Use your playful new accessory to add color to you car keys or your handbag. Or do like I did and clip it onto your dog’s collar so she looks extra fancy. The possibilities really are endless.


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Tweed for President


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That Simone Rocha sure knows her way around a tweed. I first came across Rocha’s tweedy confections when the up-and-coming British designer was named as one of the labels to be featured in S.P.A.C.E., Nordstrom’s shop-in-shop for emerging designers. I’ve always appreciated a good Chanel suit, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not like I was scouring the racks at Zara for a bouclé jacket, if you know what I mean. 

But since seeing the Simone Rocha Fall 2015 RTW collection, one thing is now clear to me: tweed no longer belongs in the realm of  your Emily Gilmores and your Upper East Side ladies who lunch. Rising design stars and street style icons are reinventing the staid textile with edgy flair, and now, so can you! 

I’m especially loving this color-pop tweed mini skirt from Topshop, these patent cap-toe pumps with just enough texture to spice up your shoe closet, this oh-so-cozy pastel scarf and this woven tweed-and-pearl necklace that perfectly channels the beaded pearl accents on my very favorite Rocha piece.

What do you think? Does tweed have your vote?

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DIY Discount: Pompom Riding Cap

gray-outfit-diy-pompom-baseball-hat-7This is a tale of a girl and a hat. The girl in question is one very sweet coworker with a head made for wearing hats (seriously, she looks good in everything) and the hat that started it all was crafted from dove gray brushed wool felt by couture milliner Eugenia Kim. Once upon a time, the aforementioned girl happened upon said $300 fur-topped hat and in the blink of an eye, she had donned the beautiful creation, never to be the same again. She wore the hat for as long as she could, and when she finally had to take it off, she shed a single tear. Or maybe she just looked wistfully back at the hat as it stood there on the shelf, perky pom-a-bristling.

eugenia-kim-hatHaving myself, at times, felt the frustratingly strong tug of unaffordable luxury goods, I remembered this tragic scene when I stumbled across a wool riding hat with a similar silhouette and a much more manageable price tag. Then I thought a thought that often pops into my head during my aspirational window-shopping sessions: why not use my creative wiles to affix a fur pompom to this budget beauty and DIY my way to a pretty close approximation of the Eugenia Kim?

And so two birds were killed with one stone: I made my charming friend a surprise birthday gift that perfectly suited her lovely head, and a new blog column was born! The DIY Discount will continue to feature homemade hacks on designer goods, so we can all craft our way to better wardrobes.

For this project, you’ll need the following:
• a gray fur pompom
• a wool riding cap/baseball hat
• needle and threadriding-hat1. If you’re using the same type of bag charm fur pompom as I did, you’ll first want to snip off the elastic band attaching the keychain to the pom. Make sure you don’t accidentally trim off any of the fur.

2. Using a needle and matching thread, stitch the pompom to the top of the hat, making sure it’s nice and secure. Knot the thread on the underside of the hat and trim any excess thread.

3.Take pictures for your blog of you wearing the hat you made for your friend (I’m sure she won’t mind)!


Hat: DIYed from this // Jacket: Banana Republic (Sold out, similar) // Top: Banana Republic // Jeans: Old Navy // Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target (old) // Shoes: Sole Society (old, but I also love these) // Gloves: Target (old, similar)