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5 Ways to Look Cute in the Rain

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This post may as well be titled, “What I’ve learned, sartorially speaking, from living in Seattle for the past four months.” True to its reputation, Seattle is a city plagued by sprinkles, storms and everything in between, a fact which has seriously hindered my habit of wearing suede shoes. The good news is, aside from the obvious waterproof-all-your-leather advice, I’ve developed five clever ways to cope with the perpetual precipitation in style, and I’m sharing them here now. Stay dry, my friends!

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Downloadable Fashion Valentines

Happy Friday, lovelies! Valentine’s Day is just four days away, which means it’s time to tell those special people in your life how fond you are of them. To that end, I’ve put together these cheeky little downloadable valentines that can be easily emailed or printed and mailed to the fellow fashion lovers in your life. And always remember: I love you more than Giambattista Valli loves tulle! Continue Reading

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Winter Wonderland

sea-to-sky-snow-look-2sea-to-sky-gondola-snow-day-1sea-to-sky-snow-look-12sea-to-sky-snow-look-14sea-to-sky-snow-look-6sea-to-sky-gondola-snow-day-2sea-to-sky-snow-look-8sea-to-sky-snow-look-1Hat: old, similar // Shirt: Banana Republic (old, similar here and here) // Vest: Zara // Jacket: Zara (old, similar here and here) // Leggings: Zella // Boots: Target (old, similar here and here) // Socks: Old Navy (old, similar here) // Mittens: Old Navy (old, similar) // Purse: Forever 21 (old, similar here) // Sunglasses: Karen Walker // Nail polish: Essie

As I mentioned before, my mom, sisters, brother-in-law and niece all found their way up to the PNW to spend Christmas with my brother and I. After couple of days in Seattle, we took a ferry up to the Great White North in pursuit of cozy fires and plenty of snow. Continue Reading

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3 Resolutions for 2017

I’m not usually one for resolutions, instead preferring to make small adjustments throughout the year in an effort to live a more balanced life. But this year I’m making an exception. At the close of 2016 I find myself rather unexpectedly in a new city, completely single for the first time in over a decade and less than a year away from 30—to say I’m ready to usher in the new year with fresh start would be an understatement.

And so, after months of toying with the options, I’ve resolved to make three changes in the coming year. One is trivial and fun, another is a mere formalization of a goal I’ve been working toward for a couple years and the last is an honest-to-goodness life-changing resolution so astounding that everyone I’ve told about it—from family and friends to new coworkers—has reacted with nothing short of an eyes-bulging, mouth-agape stare. It’s not going to be easy, but I think it will be important. Read on to find out what my three resolutions are for 2017.

1. Blog Three Times a Week
I love channeling my creative energy into Homemade Banana, and this year I’d like to make my efforts a bit more regimented. I’ll be aiming to put together even more fashion, food and DIY posts in hopes of broadening this community and hopefully making some new blogger friends here in Seattle! Continue Reading

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Current Inspiration: Akris + Carmen Herrera

I guess I’m late(r) to the party but boy oh boy: Carmen Herrera!

A Havana-born artist who spent her postwar years in Paris exhibiting with Mondrian and developing her craft with Yves Klein before settling in New York in 1954, Herrera failed to achieve any of the critical or commercial success of her male counterpoints. She was a woman and she was Cuban and she was shy and so her significant contributions to the minimalist form were ignored. For five decades she kept painting privately, in her studio loft near Union Square, despite the indifference of the art world.

As has been widely publicized of late, Herrera made her first sale in 2004 at the age of 89. Her first solo exhibition at a major New York museum is currently underway at the Whitney. She’s 101 years old. I’m not usually one for inspirational messages, but for Ms. Herrera, I’ll make an exception.

carmen-herrera-blouin-artWhat passion to wake up every day with the desire to create that which others refuse to acknowledge. What discipline to spend a lifetime in pursuit of the perfect line. What poetic satisfaction—and tragedy—in finding massive success and validation after 50 years of artistic solitude.  We could all learn something from Carmen Herrera.

Albert Kriemler certainly did. His Akris Spring 2017 show is directly inspired by several of Ms. Herrera’s most important works. And I have this Akris show to thank for my all-too-tardy introduction to the work and world of Carmen Herrera. I spent the better part of the workday yesterday writing about white linen jackets constructed with shocks of green satin—a nod to Blanco y Verde (1959)—and silk tunics printed with glowing geometric shapes akin to those that energize Iberic (1949). Below, I’ve put together six diptychs that pair Akris looks with their Carmen Herrera-made counterparts.

carmen-herrera-akris-2carmen-herrera-akris-3carmen-herrera-akris-4carmen-herrera-akris-5carmen-herrera-akris-6carmen-herrera-akris-1Carmen Herrera images from top to bottom: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8
Akris images from top to bottom: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6