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DIY Embellished Straw Bag

diy-embellished-straw-bag-1Straw bags are set to become the accessory of the season—and it makes perfect sense. They can easily be dressed up or down, they smack of vintage charm while remaining completely neutral and they subconsciously transport one’s mind to a charming picnic in the park, even if one is actually just walking to work in a slightly gloomy city.

Cult Gaia makes a great version and so does Samuji, but the one that really stole my heart was this pretty little Shourouk straw bag embellished with rainbow-hued crystals for a dramatic take on the classic style. After seeing Leandra Medine traipsing about town, sparkling straw bag in tow, I decided to make my own.

I snagged a vintage straw bag on Etsy for about $20 and rummaged through my jewelry box to find a colorful crystal necklace I no longer wore. Out came the wire cutters and a little bit of craft glue later, I’ve got a lovely recreation of the sold-out Shourouk style and made good use of an old necklace that was languishing in a shoebox under my bed. Win-win.

diy-embellished-straw-bag-4 copydiy-embellished-straw-bag-10
For this project, you’ll need the following:
• vintage straw purse (there are some good options on Etsy here, here and here)
• crystal statement necklace (recycle an old one or snag a cheap one from Poshmark or your local thrift shop)
needle nose pliers

diy-embellished-straw-bag-81. Start by disassembling your necklace. Remove any chains or jump rings until you’re left with just the crystal-studded pieces.

2. Plan out how you would like the crystals arranged. Move them around atop the bag until you’re happy with the placement. Then apply glue, piece by piece, and attach them to the bag. Let dry according to package.

3. Style to your heart’s content! Seriously, this may be the simplest, most satisfying DIY project there is.


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