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DIY Painted Bar Tray


I’ve had my eye on a pretty gold-and-glass bar cart for awhile now, but I haven’t had the chance to pull the trigger. So until I can make that beauty my own, I decided to improvise by topping a trusty wooden end table with a painted acrylic tray. Voilà, a festive bar cart is born!

For this project, you’ll need the following:
• acrylic paint
clear tray
• paint brush
• tracing paper and pencil

1. Start by flipping your tray over and giving it a good wipe-down so the paint adheres nicely.

2. Draw whatever design you’d like to paint—I used the Big and Little Dipper—onto a piece of tracing paper, then tape the paper to the top of the tray the way you’d like the design to appear.

3. Flip the tray back over and start painting! Remember to begin with the paint you want to show on the “top” since we are painting on the bottom.

*If you are using the same tray as I did, there’s no need to seal the paint, because the little raised feet will keep it from getting scratched.


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