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Fancy Ants on a Log

fancy-ants-on-a-log-2-2fancy-ants-on-a-log-5-2Here’s the thing: I think celery is totally gross. I tolerate it only in soups, when the flavor has been so completely leached out of it that it becomes basically tasteless. And even then, I purposefully avoid the pieces of celery left at the bottom of the bowl as I’m slurping up the last bit of broth. This distaste for celery, especially in its raw form, means that traditional ants on a log are completely off the table for me (and let’s not even get into my distaste for raisins).

What this means is that in my house, ants on a log are made with bananas and chocolate chips—an upgrade that adds a lot of flavor without sacrificing too much health. I love to use miniature chocolate chips to better represent actual ants (adorable!) and sprinkle a few additional toppings on to create a few levels of texture and flavor that make this a delicious, guilt-free snack that’s quick to prepare and pretty enough to Instagram.

almond butter
sunflower seeds
shredded coconut
mini chocolate chips
edible flowers

1. Slice your banana in half.

2. Slather on a generous amount of almond butter.

3. Add your ants! Top the almond butter with clusters of three mini chocolate chips lined up in a row.

4. Sprinkle on the rest of your toppings: sunflower seeds for crunch, coconut for a pop of tropical flavor and a few edible flowers to put the fancy in fancy ants on a log.


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