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Game, Set, Match

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To date, my involvement in tennis has been purely tangential: I can claim more than one tennis pro as a friend, I enjoy watching Wimbledon, and I spend a few minutes every day throwing a mini tennis ball for my mini dog to fetch. It’s only natural, then, that the sport would gradually move off the sidelines and into my wardrobe.

Enter this pretty preppy dress. The drop waist paired with pleats in a watery green shade immediately calls to mind 1920s tennis dresses à la Coco Chanel. Yes, the hemline might be a bit shorter, but the slouchy silhouette and flowing fabric pays a pretty good tribute. And just like Coco’s relatively comfortable sportswear—which allowed women to actually play tennis—this little number is one of the easiest daytime dresses I own.

I don’t care if it means nothing, when it comes to this dress I am in love–love!

mccallstylenewsmay1928Sportswear patterns from the 1920s

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