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Girls’ Night at the Ballet

girls-night-at-the-ballet-with-eventbrite-26girls-night-at-the-ballet-with-eventbrite- 30Meet Francesca and Amanda, two of my talented and beautiful coworkers who quickly became my friends when I moved to Seattle last fall. After a long few weeks of writing and emailing and meetings and more writing, we decided that a girls’ night out was in order. Thanks to another lovely coworker who is a longtime patron of the Pacific Northwest Ballet, we decided to spend our Friday night sipping Champagne and taking in a triple bill by Seattle’s resident ballet company.

Tickets in hand, we stopped to snap a few pictures outside McCaw Hall, in the shadow of the Space Needle. My friends were much more natural in front of the camera than I (unsurprisingly) so I made a mental note to convince them to work on more blog posts with me in the future before we were whisked inside, settled into our red velvet seats and go the wind knocked out of us by the first piece of the night.

Empire Noir, by David Dawson was all angled lines and stark light, completely riveting and utterly energizing to the very end. We all agreed it was our favorite of the three pieces, although Jessica Lang’s Her Door to the Sky offered some joyous moments to take with us as we journeyed out into the misty night.

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