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High Five Vol. 2

A weekly round-up of fascinating internet finds from HomemadeBanana.comHappy Sunday! After being stuck in bed with a migraine all day yesterday, I’m feeling extra perky and eager to take advantage of my pain-free head today. Alex and I are heading to brunch in Ballard, followed by a wander through some of my favorite shops. I’m on the hunt for some new office supplies: a pretty plant to fill an empty ceramic pot on my desk, and a new go-to pen (unsurprisingly, I’m very picky about my writing utensils). While I’m off shopping for sundries, give this week’s links of interest a scroll, why don’t you? Hopefully these pretty things will help ward off your Sunday scaries.

A weekly round-up of fascinating internet finds from HomemadeBanana.com1. Betina Goldstein

I’ve been following more and more beauty accounts lately in an effort to up my grooming game, and Betina’s Instagram is one of my new favorite discoveries. She’s done nails for some pretty big names (ahem, Céline, Vogue, Nordstrom), but aside from her impressive client list, it was her modern, art-inspired manicures that made me a true fan. Along with these face-painted nails, I have these minimalist halo nails and these blue floral beauties saved to my bookmarks.

A weekly round-up of fascinating internet finds from HomemadeBanana.com2. What Is Glitter?

There are a few journalists I make it my business to keep up with, and Caity Weaver is one such writer. Her pieces for GQ and now The New York Times are equal parts delightful and insightful—with a healthy dose of pop cultural indulgence. Her latest piece for The Gray Lady falls into one of my favorite journalistic genres: a surprising deep dive into a seemingly straightforward piece of everyday life. In this case, it’s about glitter—and who knew that it was such a secretive, highly scientific industry? Caity Weaver did.

A weekly round-up of fascinating internet finds from HomemadeBanana.com3. L’Officine Universelle Buly

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to floss every day. I know, I’m 31 years old and I have no idea how or why this is still so hard for me to do. It’s so easy and so quick—why do I struggle to make it a consistent part of my nightly routine? In an effort to bribe myself to better dental hygiene, I’ve decided to treat myself to the chicest dental floss known to man. L’Officine Universelle Buly is a French apothecary that I discovered thanks to Jamie Beck, and they make the most lovely products in the dreamiest packaging. While I’m at it, I think I’ll snag one of these silk-bristled toothbrushes and some of this orange, ginger and clove toothpaste.

A weekly round-up of fascinating internet finds from HomemadeBanana.com4. Rusted Vase Floral Co.

Next I want to shout out a local small business owner who is absolutely crushing it. I first came across the photo above on Instagram a few months ago and traced it back to Carlee Donnelly. Then, I immediately fell into a deep, deep rabbit hole. I love the wild textures and rich colors she uses in her arrangements—they remind me of some of my favorite Dutch masters’ still life paintings. The next time I need a floral arrangement, you can better believe I’ll be getting in touch with Carlee.

A weekly round-up of fascinating internet finds from HomemadeBanana.com5. Leatherology iPhone Case

As you know, I love a monogrammed phone case. These Leatherology cases come in a range of great colors (I’m partial to this candy apple green color), and right now, monogramming is free! Excuse me while I go order one in every color. A girl has to have a backup, right?

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