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Just Call Me Hannah Lyons


Do you think Jenna Lyons indulges in a little light reading when she sits down with her coffee in the morning? I didn’t seem to see that catalogued anywhere in HarperBazaar.com’s 24 hours with Jenna Lyons, but that’s okay because I’ve realized that Ms. Lyons and I are alike in pretty much every other way.

  • We like tons of milk and sugar in our coffee
  • We hit snooze as many times as possible when waking up
  • We don’t eat breakfast
  • We enjoy studded flats
  • We occasionally have one too many cocktails
  • We  are addicted to late-night online shopping
  • We have delicate (read: fine) hair

The difference? I haven’t yet learned how to master that chic closed-mouth smile she’s always sporting.


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