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Scallops. I was reminded of their humble shellfish beginnings while watching an episode of The Mind of a Chef over the weekend. The world’s best chef can do some pretty amazing things with them, but as you can see above, so can Valentino. And Jenna Lyons, apparently not surprisingly.

Ever since Ariel’s purple scalloped bikini top, I’ve loved the repeating gentle curves of a scalloped hemline. So when I watched a string of scalloped frocks go down the runway in the RTW Fall/Winter 2013–14 Valentino show, I could hardly contain my glee.

However, the closest I think I’ll be able to get to one of these creations is through the pages of a magazine (it’s only a matter of time until someone wears a cocktail-length version to a movie premier). So you can imagine my retail joy when I found this scalloped blue sheath dress at J.Crew.

I can’t wait to wear this with statement earrings and nude heels to a late-summer wedding or pair it with my favorite leather jacket and black peep-toe pumps for a day at the office—plus it’s on sale!

You just might catch me humming Under the Sea each time I catch a glimpse of my scalloped hem.

scallop-2J.Crew, $148 + 30% off // Valentino, price on request


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