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DIY Pearl-Embellished T-Shirt

diy-pearl-embellished-t-shirt-3Look, I spent my high school years in the South, so I’m no stranger to the allure of the pearl. But after having lived the Yankee life for the past ten years, these days I prefer to wear my pearls with a twist. That means instead of an heirloom strand, I opt for gumball-sized earrings or a modern two-finger ring. Even better? A perfectly slouched white t-shirt sewn with a carefree smattering of pearl beads that subtly catch the light like a handful of lustrous confetti.

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Marshmallow Donuts + Iced Cocoa

sprinkle-donut-marshmallow-recipe-8Let’s talk about my sweet tooth. She will not be denied. She demands vanilla syrup in my morning lattes, she requires I keep my fridge stocked with a variety of sweets, from grapes and apples to pints of ice cream, and about once a year she compels me to whip up (and I do mean whip) a batch of soft, fluffy homemade marshmallows. Since the last time I made marshmallows was these red, white and blue marbled ones for the Fourth of July last summer, I was just about due.

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Accessories, DIY

DIY Suede Wrap Choker

diy-suede-wrap-choker-10diy-suede-wrap-choker-4If you’ve been following along for the past three months, you’ll know that one of my resolutions for 2017 was to go for a year without buying any clothes or accessories. I did, however leave myself a bit of wiggle room in the form of this important caveat: I’m allowed to make myself things to wear. This blog is called Homemade Banana, after all.

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Girls’ Night at the Ballet

girls-night-at-the-ballet-with-eventbrite-26girls-night-at-the-ballet-with-eventbrite- 30 copyMeet Francesca and Amanda, two of my talented and beautiful coworkers who quickly became my friends when I moved to Seattle last fall. After a long few weeks of writing and emailing and meetings and more writing, we decided that a girls’ night out was in order. Thanks to another lovely coworker who is a longtime patron of the Pacific Northwest Ballet, we decided to spend our Friday night sipping Champagne and taking in a triple bill by Seattle’s resident ballet company.

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