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Orange You Glad

orange-you-glad-6orange-you-glad-4orange-you-glad-1orange-you-glad-3orange-you-glad-5orange-you-glad-2Top: Old Navy (similar) // Jeans: Nordstrom // Belt: J.Crew (old) // Purse: Therapy // Shoes: Nine West // Necklace: Julie Vos // Watch: Michael Kors // Bracelets: Kate Spade, J.Crew, Julie VosForever 21

We took these pictures a few weeks ago, when there was still a chill to the air and the dirt path behind our house was still mostly dirt and naked trees. I wanted to wear something bright and cheerful in hopes of bringing about warmer weather—and I think it worked! Since these photos were taken, spring has officially sprung.

Cardinals are building their nests in the flowering trees in our backyard, peonies are growing (and falling over from the weight of their beautiful blossoms) along the sidewalks and the Midwestern humidity appears to be here to stay. Now I just have to remember: next winter, when I’m sick of the cold and longing for warm weather, all I have to do is wear orange.


On the Nile

cruise-on-the-nile-10cruise-on-the-nile-1cruise-on-the-nile-9cruise-on-the-nile-3cruise-on-the-nile-8cruise-on-the-nile-5cruise-on-the-nile-6cruise-on-the-nile-11cruise-on-the-nile-12cruise-on-the-nile-2cruise-on-the-nile-4cruise-on-the-nile-7Cardigan: Target // Top: Target (old) // Pants: Forever 21 (sold out) // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff // Shoes: Target // Sunglasses: Prada // Necklace and Bracelet: Julie Vos // Ring: Stella & Dot

On Friday night in Cairo, we did what the locals do: snag a ride on a neon-festooned river boat and cruise down the Nile. Most boats are crammed full of Cairenes dancing (men and women separately, of course) to loud Arabic music blasting from the speakers. Since we didn’t want to wait for our boat to fill up, we rented our own and got some ahwa (I took mine with lots of sugar) for the ride.

I thought maybe it would be weird to take so many pictures in Egypt, but it turns out that the locals are even more snap happy than I was. We saw lots of selfie sticks, many men dramatically posing in groups and fielded several requests to have our pictures taken with Cairene women. It should also be noted that another boat pulled alongside us during our cruise so that the passengers could take pictures of me getting my picture taken. At least I didn’t have to feel weird about posing!

In planning and packing for the trip, I knew that much of my warm-weather wardrobe wouldn’t be appropriate. Sarah advised me to keep my arms, legs and collarbones covered out of respect, so I brought along a lot of maxi skirts, scarves and pants. These leopard palazzo pants barely made the cut since the bottoms are a bit sheer (scandalous!), but I’m glad I decided to bring them along for the ride.