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DIY Beaded Tassel Earrings

beaded-tassel-earrings-diy-2beaded-tassel-earrings-diy-9beaded-tassel-earrings-diy-7Who among us has not, at one point, wished to be the proud owner of a pair of Oscar de le Renta tassel earrings (may he rest in peace). When I win the lottery, those babies are definitely at the top of my To Buy list, along with a Birkin bag, a house with a library and paying off my student loans. After all, a girl can be stylish while being fiscally responsible.

Apart from renting a pair of these tasseled wonders for sixty bucks a pop—easier to justify, sure, but separation anxiety between woman and jewelry is a real thing—it seems that making my own version offers the shortest path between me and accessory heaven. You may remember I made another version of these earrings awhile ago, and since they were so popular but a little complicated for those with no beading experience, I decided to make another, more simplified pair. Really I just wanted them in red.

If you can thread beads onto a string and cut a circle out of felt (you’ll see) you can make these earrings—and I hope you do. They’re super simple, really beautiful and cost about ten dollars when all is said and done. Plus, whenever you get complimented on them you can say, “Oh thanks, I actually made these.”

beaded-tassel-earrings-diy-5For this project, you’ll need the following:
• seed beads
• rhinestones (I used these from Hobby Lobby, but you can use any rhinestone as long as it has a flat back and somewhere to attach a jump ring)
silver tassel caps
• E6000
• a small piece of felt
• flat earring posts (I used these 10mm ones)
• nylon beading string
• beading needle (I like these open-eye, non-pricking needles)
• 6mm jump rings
• needle-nose pliers

1. To make the tassels, start by threading your seed beads onto a length of nylon beading string, looping the beginning and end of the thread back through ten or so of the beads to finish each end (same technique used here). Make each string twice as long as you want your tassel to be; for reference, I used 70 beads for each string. The amount of strings you’ll need will depend on the size of tassel cap you’re using, but I needed seven strings per tassel, so 14 total.

2. Next, use a good length of beading thread to tie your strings together in the middle, thus creating a tassel. Make sure each string is hanging evenly so your tassel isn’t lopsided (this might take a few tries).

3. Use your end cap to trace a circle on a scrap piece of felt. Cut out the circle and sew the string you used to tie your tassel together to the round piece of felt. This is how we will connect our tassel to our end cap.

6. Apply a small amount of E6000 to the inside of your end cap and to the top of the felt circle, then insert the tassel into the end cap. Press down on the felt with a toothpick to ensure a snug fit and hold for about 30 seconds. Assemble your second tassel and let both dry completely.

6. While the tassels are drying, add a dot of glue to each earring post and the backs of each rhinestone and press the posts to the backs of the rhinestones. Again, let dry completely before assembling.

7. The last step is simple: use a small jump ring to connect the rhinestone to the tassel.


Clothing, Shopping

Utility Jacket: Check

plaid-utility-jacket-4plaid-utility-jacket-1 plaid-utility-jacket-9 plaid-utility-jacket-8 plaid-utility-jacket-7 plaid-utility-jacket-6 plaid-utility-jacket-3 plaid-utility-jacket-2Jacket: Leshop // Shirt: Target // Pants: J.Crew (similar) // Shoes: Zara (old, similar) // Bag: Neiman Marcus Last Call // Sunglasses: Prada // Watch: Michael Kors // Bracelets: BaubleBar & Old Navy // Lipstick: Sephora Cream Lip Stain

There aren’t many places to shop around here—a fact that I’ve often bemoaned over the past few months—but recently, I stumbled upon a local gem. Smack dab in the heart of Iowa City, White Rabbit Gallery offers a curated selection of new and vintage items with Midwestern charm.

I popped in recently after hearing about a certain promising vintage section, and left with a woven throw blanket, two jackets (including the one I’m wearing here) and a particularly charming rainbow umbrella. I also have my eye on an assortment of colorful beanies and cold weather accessories, so needless to say, I’ll be back!


Red + Magenta


Aside from the lengthening days, my favorite thing about springtime is watching bright flowers erupt from unassuming plants. I’ve loved rhododendrons since I was a kid, so I was thrilled to find dozens of them blooming on my recent trip to Oregon.

Their bright colors inspired me to don this vibrant red polka dotted dress and some equally colorful baubles for my ears. I complimented this ladylike combo with some sparkly, bowed black flats. Even some April showers couldn’t dim my mood while surrounded by these flowers.

Dress: Urban Outfitters (old) // Earrings: C. Wonder // Sunglasses: Prada // Jacket: Zara (similar) // Bag: Kate Spade (similar) // Shoes: Zara (similar)

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Valentine’s Day Color Blocking

red-and-hot-pink-color-blocking Clockwise from top left: Atlantic-Pacific, Courtney Kerr, Emma Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker, Amy Adams, Glamour

Ok, so we still have a few weeks until Valentine’s Day, but the candy hearts are already on the shelves, so I figure that means I can talk about what to wear on the loveliest day of the year. I know a lot of people hate on V-Day, but I’ve always had a special place in my heart for it. Yes, it’s become a commercial circus and yes, I can understand why some people aren’t crazy about it, but I think a day that reminds you to be thankful for those you love, and who love you, should be celebrated.

And what better way to celebrate—other than consuming copious amounts of aforementioned candy hearts—than wearing a heart-skipping mix of hot pink and fiery red. This specific color-blocked combination has been around for awhile, it’s true, but I still find it fresh and fun every time I see it. Blair from Atlantic-Pacific frequently rocks this color combo, and Amy Adams’ Valentino Golden Globes dress proved that this trend is still alive and well. I also love the way white accessories pop against the bright colors, adding an equally bright neutral to the mix.

So while I sit here planning my Valentine’s Day ensemble, I’ll leave you with this little poem:

Roses are red, Valentinos are too
I’d like to pair them with a hot pink hue.