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Lemon Stripe Dress

lemon-stripes-milly-dress-1lemon-stripes-milly-dress-5lemon-stripes-milly-dress-3lemon-stripes-milly-dress-6lemon-stripes-milly-dress-2lemon-stripes-milly-dress-4lemon-stripes-milly-dress-9 lemon-stripes-milly-dress-7Dress: MILLY for DesigNation // Earrings: H&M // Sunglasses: DITTO // Bag: Forever 21 (old, similar) // Shoes: Target // Watch: Michael Kors (sold out, similar) // Bracelet: Julie Vos // Rings: ASOS (old, similar)

Up until about a month ago, I hadn’t been to a Kohl’s in probably ten years. And then, I happened upon a bit about the MILLY for DesigNation collaboration in InStyle and decided to pop into the local Kohl’s on my way home from work, just to see what they had.

Since I was a few weeks late for the launch, only a few pieces remained on the racks, but I was able to score the striped version of this t-shirt and this beautiful lemon sheath dress (there was only one left, and it was my size)! Besides the beautiful print, I love the way that the princess-seamed construction and thick neoprene fabric nip and tuck in all the right places, creating a svelte silhouette. I’m also on a big yellow kick as of late, so I love that I can wear my huge beaded tassel earrings to perfectly round out this sunny summer look.


DIY Simple Tassel Necklace


Lately, I’ve added all things yellow to the list of things I love. Sunflowers, lemonade, pineapples, sweet corn—I can’t get enough of it. Besides craving beautiful foods to brighten up my plate, I’ve also been wanting to incorporate more yellow into my wardrobe. But since I have very fair skin, it’s tricky for me to find a shade that doesn’t wash me out.

That’s where this deliciously bright tassel necklace comes in. I can pair it with a fresh all-white look or throw it on with my favorite gray t-shirt and boyfriend jeans for an instant dose of sunny color. Even better? It hardly took any time to make (gotta love those instant gratification DIYs).


For this project, you’ll need the following:
• end caps (I used one that I had leftover from this project)
• seed beads
• beading thread and needle
• E6000 or super glue
• a small piece of fabric or felt
• a necklace chain of your choice


1. String a bunch of seed beads onto a length of beading thread, looping the beginning and end of the thread back through some of the beads to finish each end (same technique used here). Make each string twice as long as you want your tassel to be.

2. Make enough strings of beads so that, when folded in half, they make a good-sized tassel. The amount of strings you’ll need will depend on the size of your end cap, but I needed about 10 strings for this one.

3. Next, use a length of beading thread to tie your strings together in the middle, thus creating a tassel. Make sure each string is hanging evenly so your tassel looks even.


4. Use your end cap to trace a circle on a scrap piece of felt or fabric. Cut out the circle and sew the string you used to tie your tassel together to the round piece of fabric. This is how we will connect our tassel to our end cap.

5. Apply a small amount of E6000 to the inside of your end cap, then insert the piece of felt with the tassel attached to it into the end cap. Press down on the fabric with a toothpick to ensure a snug fit. Let dry.

6. Now, all that’s left to do is thread your tassel onto a chain of your choice and get styling!