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Valentine’s Day Toast Breakfast in Bed

valentines-day-toast-breakfast-in-bed-3-3valentines-day-toast-breakfast-in-bed-5-3The day of love is upon us, y’all. And I’m celebrating with toast!

Toast topped with brie and Washington apples and honey. Toast topped with mashed avocado, an over-easy egg and a sprinkling of togarashi. Toast topped with salted butter and strawberry jam and lots of rainbow sprinkles. Toast topped with peanut butter and chocolate chips, for dessert.

“But what makes this particular toast worthy of a Valentine’s Day breakfast?” you might ask. If you haven’t already figured out the answer: it’s hearts, and plenty of them. Whip our your lovely little cookie cutters and go to town with the toppings. You’ll soon see that virtually anything delicious can be rendered in the shape of a heart, which is a both delightful and addicting discovery.

So swing on by your local bakery, stock up on fresh brioche and treat your bedmate to some Valentine’s Day toast next Tuesday morning. Just don’t forget to serve it on a heart-shaped  tray.

fresh-baked brioche

salted butter, strawberry jam and sprinkles
brie, apple and honey
avocado mashed with lemon, salt and pepper; over-easy egg; togarashi
peanut butter and chocolate chips

1. Cut nice, thick slices of brioche and toast until medium brown.

2. Slather with butter. Now’s not the time to skimp!

3. Decorate with your favorite topping combinations, using a heart-shaped cookie cutter as a stencil for your toppings.

Additional topping ideas: 
cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers
salted butter, radishes and Maldon salt 
goat cheese, pickled jalepeños and fresh-cracked pepper
almond butter, sliced banana and honey


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